Best Wipes for Sensitive Baby Skin-2023

Best Wipes for Sensitive Baby Skin
Best Wipes for Sensitive Baby Skin

Every parent can attest: baby wipes are the indispensable item that no diaper bag should ever be without. You’ll find yourself in constant need of these wipes, whether it’s for your baby’s delicate skin, wiping away spills and messes, or even as a quick makeup remover at the end of a hectic day. From wipes designed for newborns to unscented varieties, we’ve scoured the market to bring you a selection of the finest baby wipes available.

Baby wipes are meticulously crafted to be gentle on a baby’s skin, so typically, there’s no need to search specifically for “sensitive” wipes unless your little one has particularly delicate skin or deals with conditions like eczema. This is why many baby wipes are either unscented or scented with natural ingredients that are gentle on a baby’s delicate skin.

It’s important to note that most wipes contain plastic, a fact not always highlighted on the packaging. You may not have given it any thought, but it is something to take into account. However, there are eco-friendly alternatives in the form of biodegradable baby wipes, so it’s wise to check the packaging details if environmental concerns are a priority for you. If you’re on an eco-friendly parenting journey, you’ll also find reusable wipe options available for purchase.

Our Top 5 Picks

1. WaterWipes Baby Wipes Sensitive Newborn Skin

WaterWipes Baby Wipes Sensitive Newborn Skin

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WaterWipes Baby Wipes Sensitive Newborn Skin are formulated with 99.9% purified water and a hint of fruit extract, making them safe for newborns and little ones with sensitive skin. These wipes are endorsed by Allergy UK and can even be used for adults with sensitive skin, elderly skin care, and even as pet wipes. They are as pure as cotton wool and boiled water, and they’ve earned recommendations from maternity wards and neonatal intensive care units in the UK and Ireland. Free from harmful chemicals, these wipes are exceptionally soft, gentle, and ideal for your baby’s skin.

One of our parent testers shared, “I love that WaterWipes contain no chemicals. It gives me peace of mind knowing that nothing harmful is touching my baby’s delicate skin. These wipes are thick, super soft, and free from fragrances.”


  • Generous size
  • Refreshing scent
  • High-quality


  • Some users found them a tad dry

2. Mama Bear Ultra Sensitive Unscented Baby Wipes

Mama Bear Ultra Sensitive Unscented Baby Wipes

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Mama Bear Ultra Sensitive Unscented Baby Wipes are enriched with a gentle lotion designed for gentle cleansing of your baby’s delicate skin. These wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, pH balanced, and free from fragrance, comprising 99.5% naturally derived ingredients.

Formulated with a gentle lotion designed for gentle cleansing, they contain aloe vera, chamomile, and cotton seed extract.

One of our parent testers shared, “I’d recommend these wipes because they strike a great balance between quality and price. As ultra-sensitive wipes, you can trust that they’re gentle on your baby’s skin, a top priority for any parent or caregiver. The design is simple yet charming, and they’re strong, a must-have for any parent.”


  • Large wipes
  • Excellent value for money
  • Ideal for little ones with sensitive skin


  • Some users reported issues with the packaging ripping

3. Aveeno Daily Care Baby Wipes

Aveeno Daily Care Baby Wipes

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Aveeno Daily Care Baby Wipes provide gentle cleansing for your baby’s body and face. Oat and aloe extracts in these light and soft wipes make them suited for use on all areas of the body, even on sensitive skin.

They are intended to reduce redness and, as other Aveeno items, are appropriate for newborn children with skin that is inclined to dermatitis.

A parent’s review stated, “They have a pleasant, non-overpowering scent and just the right amount of moisture. The individual sheets are a good size, and both of my boys (one with sensitive skin) have experienced no skin irritation. A fantastic buy, especially when on offer.”


  • Soft to the touch
  • Formulated to reduce redness
  • Fragrance-free


  • Not biodegradable

4. Aqua Wipes Baby Wipes

Aqua Wipes Baby Wipes

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Aqua Wipes Baby Wipes earned a Bronze award at the Mother&Baby awards in 2020 in the Best Baby Wipes category. Suitable for newborns, these wipes consist of 99.6% purified water. Moreover, they are 100% biodegradable, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and free from plastic. But the benefits don’t stop there; these wipes also contain mild coconut-derived cleansing agents and organic aloe vera.

One of our parent testers raved, “These wipes were far easier to use compared to other products on the market. The fact that Aqua Wipes were very wet compared to other wipes made cleaning my baby much quicker. Jenson was happier because his bottom wasn’t sore from excessive rubbing. Plus, I could clean my baby with fewer wipes, which made them last longer. I loved these wipes, and so did my baby!”


  • Effective mess cleaning
  • Made with purified water and organic aloe vera
  • High quality and environmentally friendly


  • Some reports of the wipes sticking together

5. Pampers New Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers New Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes

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Pampers New Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes claim to protect your newborn’s sensitive skin from irritation more effectively than cotton wool and water. These wipes have a thick fabric that allows for effective and delicate cleaning.

Designed to care for your newborn’s skin in the gentlest way possible, Pampers New Baby Sensitive Wipes maintain the skin’s natural pH level. The unique Soft Grip Texture helps pick up messes. The unscented wipes also have an accessible top that makes it simple to use them and keeps them from drying out.

A parent’s review shared, “These are the best wipes I’ve ever used. They are so thick and strong that you use far fewer compared to the cheaper, thinner ones. They also dispense one at a time, which helps you use only what you need. They are soft and gentle enough to clean effectively without causing any discomfort. I try to never use any other wipes.”


  • Alcohol-free, perfume-free, and dye-free
  • Approved by Skin Health Alliance Dermatologists
  • Made with plant-based fibers


  • Some users found them slightly less moist

Choosing the Best Baby Wipes for Your Baby

Selecting the best baby wipes for you and your baby often involves a bit of trial and error. Several key factors come into play:

  • Fragranced vs. Unfragranced: The choice here depends on your baby’s skin and your personal preference. While all babies have sensitive skin, some may find fragranced wipes irritating, especially in the diaper area. Some parents might find strongly scented baby wipes off-putting, while others prefer them, so it’s truly a matter of individual choice.
  • Packaging: Most wet wipes come in flow-wrapped plastic bags with re-closable lids or labels for easy access, single-wipe extraction, and resealing to prevent drying. To reduce unnecessary plastic, many brands have switched to semi-rigid, adhesive label openings instead of rigid plastic lids. Check the label to see if you can recycle the outer packaging of the wipes.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: If you’re environmentally conscious, look for biodegradable options. Be cautious of wipes labeled as “flushable” and “septic-safe.” While these wipes eventually break down, they take longer compared to toilet paper. As a general rule, it’s best to dispose of these wipes in the trash.
  • Sensitive/Extra Sensitive Wipes: Consider your baby’s skin type. While all baby wipes are designed to be gentle, your baby might not react well to a particular brand of wipes. In such cases, try another brand or opt for an unscented or sensitive skin version.
  • Usability: The thickness, strength, and size of each wipe play a role in usability. Smaller wipes might require you to use more, whereas larger, thicker, and stronger wipes are easier to use. Pay attention to the effectiveness of the packaging’s lid, as a poorly sealing or less sticky lid can dry out your wipes and limit one-handed access.
  • Bulk Purchasing Options: Buying in bulk can be cost-effective, especially for products like baby wipes that you’ll use frequently. Just make sure you have enough storage space for the surplus.


Considering your child’s skin responsiveness, ecological issues, and individual inclinations will assist you with picking the best child wipes. You can pursue choices that are in accordance with your convictions and values while as yet ensuring your child is kept perfect, comfortable, and content.


What are the most sensitive baby wipes?

WaterWipes Baby Wipes Sensitive Newborn Skin are considered some of the most sensitive baby wipes. They are formulated with 99.9% purified water and are free from chemicals and fragrances, making them suitable for even the most delicate baby skin.

Is baby wipes good for sensitive skin?

Baby wipes designed for sensitive skin can be good for individuals with sensitive skin, including babies. These wipes are typically formulated to be gentle and free from harsh chemicals and fragrances, reducing the risk of skin irritation. However, individual reactions can vary, so it’s essential to choose wipes specifically labeled for sensitive skin and perform a patch test if you or your baby have particularly sensitive skin.

Which wipes is best for baby skin?

WaterWipes Baby Wipes Sensitive Newborn Skin are often considered one of the best options for baby skin due to their formulation with 99.9% purified water and minimal additives, making them suitable for even the most sensitive baby skin. However, the “best” wipes can vary depending on individual preferences and skin sensitivities, so it’s essential to choose wipes that work well for your baby’s specific needs.

What is the best baby wipes for eczema?

For babies with eczema, it’s advisable to use hypoallergenic and fragrance-free baby wipes. Brands like Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Baby Wipes and Mustela Stelatopia Replenishing Cleansing Wipes are often recommended as they are formulated to be gentle on sensitive and eczema-prone skin. However, it’s essential to consult with a pediatrician or dermatologist for specific recommendations tailored to your baby’s condition.

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