GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Review-2023

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

This is a positively strong and simple to involve rocker at a sensible cost

The GCI Outside freestyle Rocker is a shockingly decent recliner that you can use on pretty much any surface. Its wide, steady plan and tall seat level pursue it a fine decision for most body types. However it doesn’t pack down pleasantly and isn’t our best option for slumping, this seat is a hit with our analyzers who love a decent recliner or who like to squirm.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Rocking Chair

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Motivations TO Purchase

  • Strong
  • Simple to set up
  • Wide
  • Simple to get in/out of

Motivations TO Stay away from

  • Rockers need support
  • A piece firm for some
  • Doesn’t pack little

Our Analysis and Test Results

The freestyle Rocker is a wide, strong seat with spring-stacked shocks, a powder-covered steel outline, and ripstop polyester texture evaluated for as much as 250 pounds. It includes a solitary step set-up and bring down and a convey handle.

Comfort: GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

The GCI Rocker is a genuinely basic plan that is both steady and wide. The texture might be firm for certain individuals’ inclinations, however it holds up well for a wide range of measured people. The lattice back gives breathability, and the 14.2-inch seat level makes getting in and out of this seat simple. However there’s no headrest, the back is tall and upstanding enough to offer some help. The armrests are a piece thin for our preferring, however they are cushioned and turn out great. The spring-stacked shocks give a smooth, basic shaking movement that can be delighted in on pretty much any outside surface. In the event that your number one lounge room seat is a wooden rocker, we think you’ll like this one. GCI made a fine showing safeguarding the ethics of a decent rocker in an outside prepared item.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

Compactness: GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

The freestyle Rocker doesn’t pack much for stockpiling. Indeed, even not exactly your average games seat, it implodes in the center, bringing the right and left sides together however keeping a similar level and profundity as when it’s set up. What’s more, thinking of it as’ one of the heavier seats we tried at 12.2 pounds, this seat is probably not going to be one you need to convey a mile from the vehicle if there’s anything you can do about it.

The freestyle includes a conveying handle on the casing, forestalling any requirement for an additional stockpiling pack. We wouldn’t fret acquiring this seat the vehicle and to occasions with sensibly close leaving, yet it isn’t our most memorable pick for really long conveying.

Toughness: GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

The recorded limit of the freestyle is 250 pounds, which is about the base for most setting up camp seats we’ve tried. The powder-covered steel outline and ripstop polyester texture appear to be genuinely solid and held up to our bob tests with a 220-pound analyzer. The spring-stacked shocks turned into a piece solid during our testing yet are intended to be oiled occasionally. When that’s what we did, they got back to their smooth, calm developments.

We aren’t certain of the life span of the cup holder under weighty use, as it is by all accounts rather ungracefully appended to the front of the casing with metal bolts. Yet, we encountered no real issues with it during our testing. Nonetheless, subsequent to forgetting about this seat in the warm sun of a high desert the entire summer, it turned out to be staggeringly harmed and frayed without being utilized. The texture and creases in a real sense started self-destructing just from sitting in the daylight — not an extraordinary quality for a piece of outside furnishings. Truth be told, this occurred under extreme daylight at 5,000 feet in height. In the event that you don’t keep your seat out on your porch the entire summer, this will probably be a non-issue.

Ease of Use: GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

The freestyle has one of the least complex components for setting up and separating. Simply driving the sides from one another prepares this seat for shaking, and with an idea about one side, you pull the seat up and fall it sideways to continue on toward your next spot. The solid steel outline keeps up with its shape, and a texture handle on the back permits you to convey your Rocker similar as a bag.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

Is the way that this outside seat can shake flawlessly on essentially any surface insufficient for you? Indeed, it likewise remembers a cup holder for the front of the casing. This far removed position assists you with abstaining from spilling your drink while signaling fiercely to recount a story. In any case, it’s a genuinely huge cup holder absent a lot of help, so thin containers can sit a piece gracelessly. In any case, we think this is superior to not having a cup holder and leaving your rewards on the ground.


The freestyle Rocker offers a ton that would be useful. We think this simple to-utilize, strong recliner is definitely worth what you’ll spend on it, gave you’re into it. What’s more, the same length as you hold it back from sitting in direct daylight for a really long time to be speedily obliterated by UV, we think you’ll be very satisfied with your buy.


We had some glaring misgivings about an open air recliner, yet the GCI Outside freestyle Rocker came as a lovely shock. Of course, it’s somewhat gimmicky, however we can’t reject that we appreciated sitting in it. The shaking components need a little oil every once in a while, and it ought not be left for a really long time in direct sun, yet we are very dazzled with the smooth ride this seat gives. We think this recliner is a decent mix of solace, comfort, and effortlessness — and for a really sensible cost!

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