Ninja Ice Cream Maker: Create Delicious Treats Effortlessly

Ninja Ice Cream Maker
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Indulging in delicious ice cream, smoothie bowls, and “nice cream” is a delightful way to satisfy your sweet cravings or enjoy a refreshing dessert. While there are still traditional options, such as visiting your preferred ice cream parlor or preparing a large supply of store-bought pints, the growing trend of ice cream makers at home presents a compelling case for preparing frozen treats at home. The Ninja Creami, with its versatile settings for making ice cream, sorbet, gelato, milkshakes, smoothie bowls, lite ice cream, and mix-ins, proves to be more than just a single-use appliance.

Ninja NC301 CREAMi Ice Cream Maker

Ninja NC301 CREAMi Ice Cream Maker
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This review delves into the Ninja Creami’s capabilities and its pros and cons.


  • Exceptional Results:The Ninja Creami consistently delivers creamy and smooth frozen delights. Whether it’s a rich coffee gelato, a tantalizing chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream, or perfectly blended milkshakes, the quality rivals that of expensive store-bought options.
  • Quick Churning:Churning your ice cream takes an average of just one and a half minutes, ensuring speedy satisfaction for your dessert cravings. Other settings, although slightly longer, still provide rapid results, making it a versatile appliance for various occasions.
  • Mix-In Functionality:The Ninja Creami’s mix-in function sets it apart from other ice cream makers. It efficiently distributes ingredients like chocolate chips and crushed frozen fruits, ensuring even distribution and flavor incorporation.


  • Long Pre-Freezing Time:One drawback is the 24-hour pre-freeze requirement. While it’s common for ice cream makers, the waiting time can feel lengthy when you’re eager for a cold scoop of ice cream.
  • Noise:The Ninja Creami can be quite loud during operation, and the base may vibrate vigorously. This noise factor might not be suitable for those who prefer a quieter kitchen.

Understanding the Ninja Creami

The Ninja Creami operates through a three-step process that includes freezing your mixture overnight, requiring a bit of advance planning. The machine comprises a motor base, two pints with storage lids, an outer bowl with a lid for mixing, and a Creamerizer paddle.

Notably, you only need to freeze the pints of food, making it a space-efficient choice for your freezer. This setup allows you to prepare a couple of smoothie bowls or ice cream pints in advance, ready for quick mixing when you desire.
The machine includes a recipe book, although it may have some discrepancies compared to the online recipe library. In testing the machine, the reviewer found the online recipes more reliable.

Standout Features

The Ninja Creami excels in making smoothie bowls. The texture it creates is thick and creamy, akin to gelato or sorbet. Smoothie enthusiasts seeking a rich, flavorful texture will appreciate this machine. It’s worth noting that running the smoothie bowl setting twice might be necessary for the desired consistency.

However, when it comes to ice cream, the standard setting doesn’t deliver the same creamy texture as the smoothie bowl setting. The ice cream tends to be slightly drier and crumbly, resembling Dippin’ Dots. Mixing in ingredients using the machine’s feature enhances the ice cream’s flavor but may not entirely replace store-bought options.

Who Should Consider the Ninja Creami?

There are additional choices to consider if an ice cream machine is your main requirement. However, if you desire a versatile appliance that can create delicious smoothie bowls and acceptable ice cream (with potential for improvement through experimentation), the Ninja Creami is worth considering. It’s an excellent choice for families with kids craving healthy, customizable frozen treats.


The Ninja Creami comes at a minimum price of £200, making it an investment. Nevertheless, it delivers outstanding, creamy frozen treats and accommodates dietary preferences. With the mix-in program and seven user-friendly settings, you can personalize your frozen desserts, consistently achieving delicious results.

The compact size ensures it fits well in most kitchens, and the dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning a breeze. While it may be a bit loud during operation, and occasional ice crystals may appear in your smoothie bowl, the Ninja Creami impresses with its ability to turn almost anything into ice cream.

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