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vice pro golf balls
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Vice golf balls have quickly gained popularity in the golfing community, offering competitive pricing, innovative marketing, and a modern brand image. In this review, we dive into the performance of four key Vice golf ball models to help you decide if they are worth adding to your bag.

1. Vice Pro (Best Overall)

Vice Pro Golf Balls
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The Vice Pro, a three-piece golf ball, emerged as the top choice for a wide range of players. It demonstrated excellent performance both off the tee and around the greens.

Distance: Comparable to the Titleist Pro V1, the Vice Pro delivered a similar distance, with a slight advantage for mid-swing speeds. It exhibited a premium feel off the tee, though slightly firmer than its counterparts.

Spin: Vice Pro’s spin around the greens was commendable, offering sufficient bite for most golfers. While not reaching the levels of a Pro V1x or TP5, it still provided solid performance.

Feel: Among the Vice golf balls, the Vice Pro had the second-best feel, with the Vice Pro Soft taking the top spot. It delivered a premium feel during chipping and putting.

Longevity: The thin cast urethane cover contributed to the Vice Pro’s impressive longevity. It remained in excellent condition even after several rounds.

Value: Considering its three-piece design, the Vice Pro offered excellent value for its technology. While not perfect for greenside performance, its overall performance made it a compelling and affordable alternative.

Verdict: Suitable for both high and low swing speeds, the Vice Pro provides a balanced mix of greenside and tee performance at a reasonable price.

2. Vice Pro Plus (Best for High Swing Speeds)

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls
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Designed for golfers with high swing speeds, the Vice Pro Plus, a four-piece ball, prioritizes distance and low spin.

Distance: the Vice series, especially for players with swing speeds of 110+mph. Its lower spin rates and reduced drag contributed to impressive distance throughout the bag.

Spin: Notably low spin, making it ideal for players struggling with excessive spin. While not excelling in greenside spin, it offered control for those seeking to manage spin on drives and approach shots.

Feel: Slightly harder than the Vice Pro but still comparable. The Vice Pro Plus provided a feel similar to the Pro V1x.

Longevity: Like other Vice golf balls, the Pro Plus demonstrated durability, even for golfers with extreme swing speeds.

Value: Offering a four-piece design with substantial carry distance at an attractive price, the Vice Pro Plus presented excellent value for big hitters.

Verdict: A top choice for golfers with high swing speeds looking to reduce spin. The Vice Pro Plus provides impressive distance and control at a competitive price.

3. Vice Pro Soft (Best For Feel)

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls
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Catering to slower swing speeds (90mph and below), the Vice Pro Soft prioritizes feel while maintaining performance.

Distance: With a slightly lower additional distance for golfers with slower swing speeds. Higher swing speeds may experience a small loss in distance.

Spin: Impressive spin capabilities, especially around the greens. While not matching premium balls like the Pro V1, it still provides good control.

Feel: The Vice Pro Soft excelled in feel, offering a balance between control and a soft touch around the greens.

Longevity: While slightly more prone to cuts than the Vice Pro Plus, the Pro Soft still demonstrated good durability over multiple rounds.

Value: Combining a great feel with an affordable price, the Vice Pro Soft stood out as a valuable option for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Verdict: An excellent choice for golfers seeking distance with a soft feel. The Vice Pro Soft provides solid performance and great value.

4. Vice Tour (Best Value)

Vice Tour Golf Balls
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Positioned as the three-piece value ball, the Vice Tour aims to deliver distance and durability at an affordable price.

Distance: Built for high compression and durability, the Vice Tour provides substantial distance, particularly for golfers with medium to high swing speeds.

Spin: Offering average to low long-game spin, the Vice Tour prioritizes distance off the tee. Greenside spin is not as high as premium balls due to the DuPont Surlyn cover.

Feel: Slightly harder feel compared to other Vice models, but still a good compromise given the affordable price.

Longevity: Impressive durability, making the Vice Tour a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious golfers.

Value: Balancing performance and affordability, the Vice Tour offers a compelling overall value proposition.

Verdict: An ideal choice for golfers on a budget who seek solid performance across the entire course. While not the top choice for greenside performance, the Vice Tour delivers excellent value.


Vice golf balls provide a range of options catering to different swing speeds and preferences. Whether worthy consideration in the competitive golf ball market.


What does vice pro compare to?

The Vice Pro compares favorably to premium golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1. distance, good spin around the greens, and a premium feel, making it a solid choice for a wide range of players.

Which vice is like Pro V1X?

The Vice Pro Plus is the Vice golf ball that is most comparable to the Pro V1x. It is designed for golfers with high swing speeds, offering impressive distance and low spin, similar to the characteristics of the Pro V1x.

Where is vice golf balls made?

Vice golf balls are manufactured in various locations, including Germany and other global manufacturing facilities. The company emphasizes quality and precision in the production of their golf balls, utilizing advanced technology and materials to meet performance standards.

Which vice golf ball is best for seniors?

For seniors, the Vice Pro Soft is likely the best choice among Vice golf balls. It is designed for players with slower swing speeds (90mph and below), providing a balance of distance, good spin around the greens, and a soft feel. The lower compression of the Vice Pro Soft caters well to the needs of seniors, offering a comfortable feel.

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